The below steps show the workflow for both the teacher and student(s) for submitting and evaluating embedded questions within BIOZONE eBooks.


  1. (Optional) The teacher alerts their students to complete Pages, Sections or Activities within the eBook by assigning them Homework.

    Click the following link for information on how to assign Homework:

  2. The Student submits their answers to each and every question within the Activity or Section (depending on the title).
    Once the student has begun submitting questions within an Activity, a Publisher Created Assessment will appear in the "Assessments" tab of the student's dashboard.
    This will collate all of the questions from the Activity and will make it easier for students to make certain they have answered all of the questions.

    Click the following links for information on how to submit answers to Embedded Questions and Assessments:

  3. Once a single student has submitted all questions to a Publisher Created Assessment, their teacher will be able to evaluate their answers within the Evaluate page. While evaluating, the teacher will be provided with model answers to assist with the grading process.

    Click the following link for information on how to evaluate Publisher Created Assessments:

  4. Once the evaluation of the student's answers is complete, the student will be able to view their grade within the Assessments tab