Assigning Homework

Homework can be assigned by the teacher to students within their classroom.

When you as the teacher assign homework to your students, it is a form of notification system to set expectations for your students as well as open a line of communication within the BIOZONE eBooks platform.

If your homework is in relation to questions within the eBook, then the students should submit their answers within the embedded questions located inside the eBook. This way you will be able to easily grade their work from the Evaluation page.


Navigate to Homework and select Add Homework.



Here's a tip! You can copy the page link from the eBook and enter it into your Homework task, giving a direct link to the eBook content. This makes it even easier for students to find the content and complete their homework task.


Fill in the form with the details of the Homework, assign the homework to the class(es) or specific students and then set the due date.

Once Assign is selected, the homework is assigned.

Students will then receive a notification of the homework. Once they have completed and responded to the homework the student will be able to mark it.


Please note, once a Homework assignment has been created, the teacher will be unable to delete the assignment. 


Take a look at this video for a quick overview