Attempting Homework


Homework may be set by your teacher to set their expectations for you within the BIOZONE eBooks platform. If you have access to an eBook PLUS and have been assigned questions within the eBook by your teacher's homework, it is best to answer these questions within the embedded questions.

Find out more about the embedded questions and how to submit answers to them in the following Knowledge Base article:


Once homework has been assigned, you as the student will receive a notification and can view the homework from the Homework tab.



Find the Due, Submitted and Graded Homework under the Homework tab.



The homework will contain instructions from the teacher on how to complete the homework. You are able to submit a response and attach files to add to your response.

Your response could include:

  • Confirmation that you have completed the embedded questions that have been assigned
  • Asking a question about the homework


You can select Save to return to your unfinished response at a later time.

Once the homework is complete selecting Submit will send the Homework to the teacher. The homework can be found under the Submitted tab and once marked will be found under the Graded tab.


Take a look at this video for a quick overview