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ClassLink uses the OneRoster framework in order to provide both rostering into the BIOZONE eBooks site as well as SSO services.
Just like OneRoster, Schools and Districts wanting to use ClassLink will need to have a OneRoster compliant SIS in order to use this integration.

You can find more information about ClassLink on their website:


How to Setup your ClassLink Integration

Our ClassLink integration is able to be managed by admins in your BIOZONE eBooks account.

It takes five easy steps!

  1. Add the BIOZONE eBooks app to ClassLink

  2. Filter the users and information you want to sync into our platform
    For easy management and to ensure user privacy is kept, we recommend only syncing data necessary for using the eBooks platform. We require:
    - Username
    - Email
    - First Name
    - Last Name
    - Class Name
    - Role (Teacher, Student, etc)

    Make sure to check out ClassLink for help in filtering users, or contact our friendly IT Support team.

  3. BIOZONE to Enable OneRoster(ClassLink)
    A member of the BIOZONE team will then need to enable OneRoster(ClassLink) within your BIOZONE eBooks account in order to proceed.
    Once complete, you will be altered as such and will need access to your admin account in order to proceed.

  4. Setup and Test your connection
    Login to the BIOZONE eBooks platform as an admin user and navigate to OneRoster V2 found under the Settings tab.
    Then select " Create New"

    On the next screen, you'll have three options to select. In order to setup ClassLink, please use the following 

    - Select District - There should only be one selection to make, please select your district name
    - Sync Options - Select OneRoster API
    - Select Provider - Select ClassLink

    Once complete, select "Start Configuration"

    On the next screen, you will be prompted to add the API URLConsumer Key, and Secret Key for ClassLink.
    After entering this information, select "Test Connection"

    On the next screen, you will be prompted to select the data from ClassLink to filter into the platform.
    We recommend selecting all Schools and Courses available and instead use the ClassLink app to be the one source of truth for filtering data into BIOZONE eBooks.
    If you are troubleshooting a course or group of users who are not rostered into the platform, it might be worth checking back on this page to make sure all courses and schools are selected.

  5. Start syncing data
    The final page will show a preview of the information you are filtering into the eBooks platform.
    When you are ready, select "Start Sync" to begin syncing data into the eBooks platform.

    Please note: the sync process can take up to one hour to complete, if you are experiencing issues with your sync, make sure to contact the IT Support team.

When your data has successfully synced into the platform, don't forget to assign your licenses so that your users are able to access their BIOZONE content.

Need a hand with assigning licenses? Check out these articles:

Assigning Licenses to Schools and Teachers
Assigning eBooks to Students

If you encounter any issues during your sync or have any questions about our ClassLink Integration, contact our IT Support team

Logging in through ClassLink

Once set up there are two ways to access the BIOZONE eBooks platform:

  1. BIOZONE eBooks login page
    By going to the login page (ebooks.thebiozone.com) you can select the Login with ClassLink button, enter your details, and access the site.
    This is the same location for students, teachers, and admins to access the BIOZONE eBooks platform.

  2. ClassLink dashboard app
    If enabled by your administrator, you may find the BIOZONE eBooks ClassLink app on your ClassLink dashboard. If not, ask your administrator if this is possible.


How it Works

Here's a helpful diagram on how the Clever Integration works:


Your School District will sync data from your Student Information System(SIS) to your ClassLink account.
From there, the appropriate data will be filtered to BIOZONE's ClassLink account and then after a maximum of 12 hours, the data will appear in the BIOZONE eBooks platform.


Troubleshooting Tips

If you're experiencing issues with your ClassLink integration, here are some tips to help out!

  1. I've filtered new users into BIOZONE eBooks through ClassLink, but they haven't shown up on the eBooks platform yet
    The data between our ClassLink account and BIOZONE eBooks is synced every 12 hours, it could be that the data has simply not synced yet.

    We also recommend checking the School Selection page (see step 4 of setup instructions) to check that all schools and courses are selected. If not all courses and schools are selected, some data may not pass into the BIOZONE eBooks platform.

    If you still do not see your filtered data, or the data is incorrect, contact our friendly IT Support team via [email protected]


  1. I've filtered new users into the platform. They can log in just fine but they can't see the content
    Although an automatic system should assign the licenses immediately, you may need to manually assign them to your users.

    If it's a Teacher, the license will need to be assigned by their School District Admin or their School Admin (Make sure there are plenty of licenses available too)
    Assigning Licenses to Schools and Teachers - School District Admin

    If it's a student, the eBook will need to be assigned by their Teacher
    Assigning eBooks to Students - Teacher

  2. As a School District Admin, I cannot assign licenses to my new school
    This could be one of two reasons:

    1. There are not enough licenses available
      In this case, you may need to redistribute your licenses across your different schools or contact our IT Support team for a small boost in licenses.

    2. There is no School Admin linked to the new school
      Even if you do not actively use a School Admin account, there must be a School Admin assigned to each school in order for your School District Admin to assign licenses to the school and its teachers.
      Here is an article to create a School Admin account:
      Managing Schools
      Once created, try assigning licenses to the school again.