ClassLink uses the OneRoster framework in order to provide both rostering into the BIOZONE eBooks site as well as SSO services.
Just like OneRoster, Schools and Districts wanting to use ClassLink will need to have a OneRoster compliant SIS in order to use this integration.

You can find more information about ClassLink on their website:


How to Setup

  1. BIOZONE to provide admin access to District

  2. District adds the BIOZONE eBooks App through ClassLink and begins sharing appropriate data (schools, school admins, classes, teachers, students)

  3. Data is migrated from ClassLink into BIOZONE eBooks

  4. District assigns app within their district so that the app is available on each relevant user’s ClassLink dashboard

  5. District admin to assign licenses to school(s) and teacher users

  6. District teacher users to assign content to students


Contact our IT Support team in order to set up this integration.