Clever is a Single Sign-On service that also provides rostering services within BIOZONE eBooks. However you do not need a OneRoster compliant SIS in order to use. All you need is a Clever account. Just request to sync with our BIOZONE eBooks, filter the users you wish to sync with our site and we will sort the rest!

You can find more information about Clever on their website:


How to setup

The following steps will need to be completed in order for your district/school to integrate with BIOZONE eBooks

  1. Your district sends a request to link with our BIOZONE eBooks Clever App though Clever

  2. Once accepted, BIOZONE will set the amount of licenses for your account

  3. Your district will then filter and share all relevant Schools, School Admins, Classes, Teachers and Students that will be enrolled into BIOZONE eBooks

  4. Once shared, BIOZONE will launch your district within BIOZONE eBooks (this process can take up to 12 hours to complete)

  5. Once launched, all users that have been filtered into BIOZONE eBooks will be able to access their BIOZONE eBooks account using their Clever login