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Clever is a Single Sign-On service that also provides rostering services within BIOZONE eBooks. 

However, you do not need a OneRoster compliant SIS in order to use it. All you need is a Clever account.  Just request to sync with our BIOZONE eBooks, filter the users you wish to sync with our site and we will sort the rest!

You can find more information about Clever on their website:


With this Integration, it's even easier to roster your students and get them access to the BIOZONE material!


How to setup

The following steps will need to be completed in order for your district/school to integrate with BIOZONE eBooks

  1. Your district sends a request to link with our BIOZONE eBooks Clever App through Clever

  2. Once accepted, BIOZONE will set the number of licenses for your account

  3. Your district will then filter and share all relevant Schools, School Admins, Classes, Teachers, and Students that will be enrolled in BIOZONE eBooks

  4. Once shared, BIOZONE will launch your district within BIOZONE eBooks (this process can take up to 12 hours to complete)

  5. Once launched, all users that have been filtered into BIOZONE eBooks will be able to access their BIOZONE eBooks account using their Clever login

Please note, you will still need to assign licenses to your users in order for them to view the content.


Logging in through Clever

Once set up there are two ways to access the BIOZONE eBooks platform:

  1. BIOZONE eBooks login page
    By going to the login page (ebooks.thebiozone.com) you can select the Login with Clever button, enter your details, and access the site.

  2. Clever dashboard app
    If enabled by your administrator, you may find the BIOZONE eBooks Clever app on your Clever dashboard. If not, ask your administrator if this is possible.


How it Works

Here's a helpful diagram on how the Clever Integration works:

Your School District will sync data from your Student Information System(SIS) to your Clever account.
From there, the appropriate data will be filtered to BIOZONE's Clever account and then after a maximum of 12 hours, the data will appear in the BIOZONE eBooks platform.


Troubleshooting Tips

If you're experiencing issues with your Clever integration, here are some tips to help out!

  1. I've filtered new users into BIOZONE eBooks through Clever, but they haven't shown up on the eBooks platform yet
    The data between our Clever account and BIOZONE eBooks is synced every 12 hours, it could be that the data has simply not synced yet. If you still do not see your filtered data, or the data is incorrect, contact our friendly IT Support team via support@thebiozone.com

  2. I've filtered new users into the platform. They can log in just fine but they can't see the content
    Although an automatic system should assign the licenses immediately, you may need to manually assign them to your users.

    If it's a Teacher, the license will need to be assigned by their School District Admin or their School Admin (Make sure there are plenty of licenses available too)
    Assigning Licenses to Schools and Teachers - School District Admin

    If it's a student, the eBook will need to be assigned by their Teacher
    Assigning eBooks to Students - Teacher

  3. As a School District Admin, I cannot assign licenses to my new school
    This could be one of two reasons:

    1. There are not enough licenses available
      In this case, you may need to redistribute your licenses across your different schools or contact our IT Support team for a small boost in licenses.

    2. There is no School Admin linked to the new school
      Even if you do not actively use a School Admin account, there must be a School Admin assigned to each school in order for your School District Admin to assign licenses to the school and its teachers.