Here are a few common errors and some possible solutions when uploading users in bulk:

Issue 1:

Teacher Upload Error:

The bulk upload file should be saved in Windows csv/xls format and have five columns: First Name, Last Name, Email, Password and Class. Please correct the file and try again.


Student Upload Error:

The bulk upload file should be saved in Windows csv/xls format and have seven columns: First Name, Last Name, Username, Password, Class, Parent or guardian's email, Parent approval required. Please correct the file and try again.

  • Please make sure that the Grade Name column is left blank. BIOZONE eBooks does not use the grade system within the site and so any entries into this column will cause errors
  • If Parent approval is NOT required, enter no in the "Parent approval required" column and leave the "Parent or guardian's email" column blank


General Notes:

Should either of the above error messages appear please make sure:

  • The file being uploaded is in .csv or .xls format.
  • The column names are not tampered with. I.e. The column names must remain the same as on the template so that the system is able to read the column
  • No column names are deleted/removed. All column names must be present for the system to read the document. If no data is being entered into a column simply leave the column, apart from the column name, blank.


Issue 2:

Invalid extension.

Make sure the correct file is being uploaded. Files being uploaded must be in .csv or .xls format


Issue 3:

There were issues uploading the User(s). Click here to download the error log file.

Download the error log file to find the issue.

Errors that occur when this message appear include:

  • Username is taken - check that the user has not already been uploaded to your school/district. Otherwise email our support team, the user may have an existing trial account in the system
  • Invalid class name - check that the class(es) exists and is spelt correctly within the spreadsheet. If there are multiple classes make sure they are separated by commas.


Issue 4:

Sometimes the system will fail to notify the user that an error has occurred, this may be due to there being too many issues to process immediately. If this occurs the same message as a successful upload will appear (as seen below).

Your request has been submitted. You will receive an email confirmation once the request has been processed.


Make sure to check the Manage Teachers or Manage Students page that the users have been uploaded successfully.

If they are not on this page, check if an error log has been sent to your email address.

If no error log has been sent or you do not have access to the email address, please check the upload spreadsheet with both the upload instructions and the common errors on this page.


If you are still experiencing difficulties uploading users to the eBooks site send an email to A member of our support team will respond as soon as possible to help you through the process!