Creating and Assigning Assessments

There are two kinds of Assessments within BIOZONE eBooks:

  • Standard Tests
  • Adaptive Tests

Standard tests contain a linear progression through the questions.

Adaptive tests contain a non-linear progression through the questions. This means students will progress through the assessment based on how well they answer questions. For example, if the student answers the majority of questions in the first section they can answer the questions in the next section. But if they fail to answer the questions they will not progress.


Navigate to Assessment and select Standard Tests OR Adaptive Tests

Select New Standard Test



Enter in the Assessment title and description.

Select a Question type and enter in the question and answer(s).


Select Add Questions from Question Bank to add previously created questions by the teacher.


Once complete select Publish.


Once the Assessment has been published it will need to be assigned to students.

Select the assign icon (seen left) on the top right of the window.



A popup window will appear.

From here select the class(es) that will be taking this assessment, then select a due date.


Once Save is selected, a notification will be sent to the dashboard of each student within the assigned class(es)



Take a look at this video for a quick overview