Please Note: When students are submitting their answers to the embedded questions within the eBook the answers do NOT appear within the Homework Evaluation. The Homework Evaluation is a method for teachers and students to notify their students of work they want to have completed as well as open communication with one another about the homework task.


Once a student has submitted a response to the homework the teacher is immediately able to mark it.

Navigate to Homework and select Manage Homework.



Select the speech bubble icon under Responses.


This will show all of the classes that have been assigned the Homework. Selecting a class will drop-down all of the students within the class.

If a student has not completed the Homework "Not yet submitted" will be written next to their name. Otherwise their response to the Homework will be displayed.

Select a mark out of 10 from the drop-down menu next to the student’s response.

Once selected the mark is immediately updated.



Send feedback by selecting the feedback button. This will show a popup with a text box where the teacher can enter feedback on the homework. The teacher is able to allow for a resubmission by checking the “Allow Resubmission” and then selecting a due date.

Once Send is selected, the feedback is sent to the student.


Take a look at this video for a quick overview