Publisher Created Assessments

The embedded questions within the eBooks can be marked once all of the questions within an Activity or Section (depending on the book) have been submitted by at least one student within the class.

Once all of the questions within an activity or section (based on the book) a Publisher Created Assessment will be created for the teacher to evaluate.

Publisher Created Assessments will be based on either:

An Activity


A Section

These have been marked on the image above.


A Publisher Created Assessment is able to be marked once at least one student from a class has submitted an answer to each embedded question within the Activity or Section (depending on the book, see the table below for a full list).


Once a student has submitted answers to each question, an assessment will be created and will appear in Evaluate under Assessments.



The Assigned To column will contain the value In-Book if the assessment is Publisher created


These Assessments can be marked in the same way as User Created Assessments.


Publisher Created Assessments contain Teacher Hints.

Select Show Teacher Hints to show a pop-up with a model answer to the question.


If a student's submission does not appear within your evaluation page, ask the student to look into their Assessments tab within their account. The Publisher Created Assessment may require some more answers to be submitted.


Take a look at this video for a quick overview