Evaluating Teacher Created Assessments

Once a student has submitted their assessment the teacher is immediately able to mark the submission as they are final.

To Evaluate a Teacher Created Assessment navigate to Assessments and select Evaluation.


From here the teacher is able to view all of the assessments that they have assigned to the students within their class.



Selecting an Assessment will show all of the students that have been assigned the assessment as well as which students have submitted.

Submissions are sorted into 3 categories:

  • Not Responded
  • Pending Evaluation
  • Completed Evaluation


Select Cumulative Report for a report on the students marks for each question within the assessment.



Select a student’s name to start evaluating their submission.

Most questions are auto-marked by the system. See the below example, the single-choice question had a predetermined answer made by the teacher and so the system has already marked this question in the submission.


Give each question a mark and feedback.

Once finished marking each question, give feedback on the overall Assessment and then submit the evaluation by selecting Submit .


Take a look at this video for a quick overview