What's in this article?


Platforms supported

What platforms do you support?

BIOZONE eBooks is supported on PC, Mac and Chromebook browsers.

We also have an IOS app for iPad tablets, which is designed primarily for student use.

COMING SOON Android app for Android tablets.


Is your tech server local, external or cloud-based?

Cloud-based using Amazon Web Services (data centre located in North America)


What are the URLs for where media is stored?

The following domains are used by our digital products:





Is your software html5 compliant?



Is any Flash or Java used?

Flash and Java is not used on the main eBook platform or any of our other products. However, Flash and Java are sometimes required by external websites that are linked through BIOZONE’s Resource Hub.


Admin and Management Tools

What admin tools are available?

  • License management
  • Teacher, student and class management


What Reports do eBooks provide?

Admins have access to:

  • Most engaging books
  • Licenses consumed per school

Teachers have access to:

  • Performance and Cumulative reports - for their classes


What level of granularity for admin accounts do you have?

There are two kinds of admins within BIOZONE eBooks:

  • District Admin - Has permissions to manage schools, the number of licenses assigned to their schools and rostering
  • School Admin - Has permissions to manage license allocation and rostering

The diagram below shows the hierarchy of users in eBooks.



Can admins be associated with multiple schools on the same account?

The School District Admin will be able to manage all schools within their district, however, a School Admin can only be assigned a single school.

If a School Admin needs to manage multiple schools they will need to have two separate accounts created for them.


Student and Teacher Accounts

Are students required to have an account to access materials?

Yes, student accounts are required. However, a student email is not required as long as a system-wide unique username is used.


How are students progressed from year to year in the system?

Our site does not offer a progression system. However, at the changing of a year students can easily have their classes changed or “promoted” to another class.


Are student accounts district or site-based and need to be migrated with a school change?

Student accounts are school-based. Should a user need to be transferred to another school, we would suggest archiving that student’s account and recreating the account in the new school.


How is student data managed and privacy maintained?

We treat student data and any other PII (personally identifiable information) very carefully. We adhere to the California Student Data Privacy Agreement (CSDPA).

BIOZONE Privacy Policy July 2020

BIOZONE Digital Platforms Terms of Service July 2020


BIOZONE Terms of Use (Student) July 2020


Can teachers be associated with multiple schools on the same account?

Should a user be associated with multiple schools they will need to have multiple accounts as they can only be assigned one school per account.



Are ALL materials available online? From home?

Yes. All materials are available online Not all of our products are available on our eBooks site. The products we provide are available from any location with internet access with correct login credentials.


Is the program deliverable completely online? 

Yes, eBooks offer: 

  • access to the content
  • embedded questions within the text (for our eBook PLUS titles)
  • the ability to create, submit and mark assessments 

All completely online.


Are installs required for Teachers or Students?

No installs are required for any users within BIOZONE eBooks. Teachers only need to be logged into their Teacher account in order to access their content


Is content available at all times and all locations?  

Yes, users are able to access the content from any location, so long as users have internet access and login details



Content/products/assessments assigned at a district level or by teacher?

Content, Assessments and Homework are assigned by the Teacher account.


Can assessments be restricted to IP range? Days of week?  Time?

Assessments can be set a due date, however, assessments cannot be restricted by a certain time.