What’s in this article?


Answering Embedded Questions

This is the icon for Embedded Questions.


Clicking the Embedded Questions icon will open a popup with questions pertaining to the content you are viewing.


To view the content again, without losing unsaved progress on the question, select the minimize window icon on the top right of the window.

Select Attach image to upload images/diagrams to help you better describe your answer.

If you would like to keep your answer but not submit yet select Save.

Write your answer to the question in the text field and select Submit when finished.


If you have completed all of the questions within an Activity and your teacher has NOT received your submission, make sure to go to your Assessments tab to see if the questions for the Activity are displayed in the SUBMITTED page.


Take a look at this video for a quick overview


Accessing Extra Resources

    This is the icon for direct access to the relevant Resource Hub or Weblinks page for the Activity. A great source of resources to engage your students and further their learning.


Clicking the Resource hub icon will take you to an external site which contain resource links, the page you are brought to will have contextual links to the content you are viewing.

You can also access the resource hub directly by going to:

biozonehub.com and entering the Code found at the beginning of your Student Edition or Teacher's Edition.

Resource hub contains links to external sources, each link includes an icon that categorizes the link. They can include:


This is the icon for PDF links


This is the icon for external articles


This is the icon for videos


This is the icon for 3D models


Other resources may include Simulations, Animations, Games, and Spreadsheets


User can navigate through chapters to certain activities using the links on the left side of the screen.

Links are sorted by the section of the activity they relate to.


Found a broken link?
Unfortunately, we are unable to control the external links we provide within the ResourceHub as they are owned/hosted by external parties. As a result, some links may break due to changes in the locations or removal of these resources.

If you find a broken link, make sure to alert our IT Support team who will be able to enter a new resource or remove the broken link.


Take a look at this video for a quick overview


Offline PDF's

This is the icon for Offline PDFs.

Within the BIOZONE eBooks system are several questions that will need to be completed outside of the platform. These include questions that require graphing, labeling, filling in diagrams, and conducting investigations.


Clicking the Offline PDF’s icon will display the following popup:

Clicking the PDF icon will open a PDF in a new tab within your browser and will automatically download if using a tablet.


There are many different options for teachers to receive the completed PDF

  • The student downloads the PDF, fills in the PDF electronically and then emails, or submits through their Learning Management System, the completed PDF to their teacher
  • The student downloads the PDF, prints the PDF, fills in the page with a pen, takes a photo of the completed worksheet, and sends it to you
  • The student completes the Offline Question using either of the above methods and attaches their completed worksheet either to their assigned homework or to an accompanying embedded question.


You can find all instances of Offline PDFs throughout the title by selecting Resources from the left panel and then by selecting Documents. Selecting one from this list will take you to the page where the Offline PDF is kept.