What's in this Article?

  1. Overview
  2. Technical Specifications
  3. Setup Steps
    1. Adding the External Tool to a Course
    2. Creating an Assignment or Module with the External Tool
    3. Linking Direct eBook Pages


The Learning Management System(LMS) integration with BIOZONE eBooks and Canvas allows users to ingest the content of the BIOZONE eBooks title into their Canvas course.

The integration will take the form of an “External Tool”, which can be added as either a module or assignment to a course.

This means that students will be able to do the following from their LMS:

  • View the content of their BIOZONE eBooks title(s)
  • Submit answers to the embedded questions (if the student has access to an eBook PLUS title)

As a result, students will not need to log in to the BIOZONE eBooks platform and will be able to access their Student Edition from Canvas.

However, the following cannot be completed and is not synced through your LMS:

  • Grading student work
  • Grade/Report syncing

This means teacher users will need to log in to the BIOZONE eBooks, separate to Canvas, in order to complete the above two steps.


Here's how this integration looks in Canvas:


Technical Specifications

  • Supports LTI v1.2
  • Supports QTI v2.0
  • Currently no support with Common Cartridge
  • Currently no support for grade syncing — however, Cumulative and Performance Reports containing grades can be exported from the eBooks website
  • The username/email address of the user in Canvas must match with a user in BIOZONE eBooks 


Setup Steps to be Completed

  1. Receive the Launch URL, Consumer Key, and Secret Key from a BIOZONE International IT member
  2. Create a course in Canvas (if not already available)
  3. Add the external tool to a course
  4. Create an assignment/module item with the external tool
  5. Add all relevant users to the course within Canvas
  6. Create accounts for all relevant users within BIOZONE eBooks


Adding the External Tool to a Course

  1. Once the course creation is done, add the App by clicking on the Settings tab within the course
  2. Select the “Apps” tab at the top of the page
  3. Select “+ App”
  4. Click on the + to add the App.

  5. Enter the information into the form that displays as shown below:

    Configuration Type: Manual Entry
    Name: [Custom App Name - recommend BIOZONE eBooks]
    Consumer Key: [provided Consumer Key]
    Shared Secret: [provided Secret Key]
    Launch URL: [provided Launch URL]
    Domain: ebooks.thebiozone.com
    Privacy: Email Only

    Once the app has been successfully added to a course, all Canvas Admins and Canvas Teachers involved within the course will be able to add the BIOZONE eBooks integration as an external tool in the form of either:

    - An Assignment
    - A Module item

    Adding external app via “by URL”

    Configuration Type: By URL
    Name: [APP NAME]
    Consumer Key: [Enter Registration URL]
    Shared Secret: [Enter Shared Secret Key]
    Config URL: [Enter Cartridge URL]


Create an Assignment with the External Tool

 Click on Assignment from the left navigation tab and then select “+ Assignment”.

 Enter a custom name for the Assessment

 Select “External Tool” from the Submission Type dropdown menu

Select “Find” and then select the External Tool that has been added to the course

 After entering the Assignment details Save & Publish the assignment.


Create a Module Item with the External Tool



Linking Direct eBook Pages

As well as link an entire resource via this integration, you can also link direct eBook pages making assigning pages to students even easier.

Simply navigate to the Student Edition (eBook LITE or eBook PLUS) and select this icon in the top-right of the page.


Copy the link that appears

Go to your Canvas account and, when adding an external tool to an assignment or module, paste the link into the Enter or find an External tool URL field.