Any Learning Management System(LMS) is able to integrate with our BIOZONE eBooks platform including:

  • Canvas
  • Moodle
  • Blackboard
  • Schoology

This integration allows the content of BIOZONE eBooks to be transferred to an LMS through LTI connection.

This means that your students will be able to view the content of their assigned BIOZONE eBooks title.


Here's an example of what this integration looks like in Canvas:


For eBook PLUS

If your classroom has access to an eBook PLUS version of the title, you will be able to view the content as well as be able to submit answers to the embedded questions (if they have access to an eBook PLUS version of the title).

However, this integration is purely a content integration, this means that the following features within the BIOZONE eBooks platform are not synced into your LMS:

  • Grading student work
  • Grade/Report syncing

This means that teachers will still need to login to BIOZONE eBooks in order to complete the above two steps


How to Setup

In order to start setting up your LMS Integration with BIOZONE eBooks, a member of our IT Support team will need to provide you with the following information:

  • Launch URL
  • Consumer Key
  • Secret Key

Once shared, these can be ingested into your LMS.

Contact our IT Support team in order to be provided with these keys!


Technical Specifications

  • Supports LTI v1.2
  • Supports QTI v2.0
  • Currently no support with Common Cartridge
  • Currently no support for grade syncing — however, grades can be exported
    from the eBooks website