Logging in

To log in to eBooks go to ebooks.thebiozone.com.

Contact your admin for account details if you have not yet received them.

Your email address will usually be your school email address.

If the Username and Password is entered correctly, you will have access to the site.




Student Dashboard

If you are logging in as a student, once you have logged in, your dashboard will look similar to this:

1. When logging in, you will be brought to the Library page, here you can select your available eBooks and start reading the material

2. The Homework tab contains homework assignments that your teacher has created for you

3. The Assessment tab contains assessments created by your teacher as well as unfinished in-book assessments

4. The notifications button will show all new notifications such as when a teacher has assigned or graded work for you

5. Clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the screen will allow you to customize your profile as well as log out of BIOZONE eBooks.


Explore our Knowledge Base for more information on how to use BIOZONE eBooks!