First, navigate to the Manage Student page by selecting Roster and then Student on the left navigation bar, this will show you a list of all students within your account.

Edit Student Accounts

Select the pencil icon to edit the student's details.
Details that can be edited here include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Assigned Class(es)
    • Hold CTRL + Left Click (Windows) or Command + Left Click (Mac) to select multiple classes.

  • Language
  • Parent or guardians email


Deactivate Student Accounts

Should a student not need their student account any longer, student accounts can be deactivated. Deactivating a student account rather than deleting the account will keep the student's work and information for record keeping.
By deactivating a student account, their license will be freed and so a new student account can be uploaded to the school/district's BIOZONE eBooks account.

Select the Deactivate button, this will open a confirmation pop-up. Select Yes to confirm.

Once deactivated, the student account will be removed from the Manage Student page.

To view the student once deactivated, select Archived user.

From this screen you can view all deactivated users and reactivate users if the student returns.


At this current time, this action can only be completed individually. If you wish to archive users in bulk please contact the BIOZONE support team who will be able to arrange for a bulk archive to be completed.



Select the bin icon to permanently delete a student account.

Please note, unlike deactivating a user, deleting the student account will permanently remove the user as well as all work they have completed within the BIOZONE eBooks platform.