BIOZONE's test bank questions have been specifically curated to test student understanding of the DCI content of the material. The test bank questions are not three dimensional, however they compliment the three dimensional assessments with the work text.

A range of question types is available from true/false, fill in the blanks, multiple-choice and more. The Test Bank Questions are provided in QTI and RTF formats, providing teachers with flexibility in how they deliver and use the Test Bank Questions. Questions are fully editable, teachers can pick and mix questions from the entire suite of questions and edit the wording to customize the tests for individual classrooms.

  • Test bank questions can be ingested into test generator software such as Illuminate and ExamView.
  • Encourage student participation by converting the questions into a Kahoot or Quizlet. Students can work individually, in pairs, or small groups to learn and share ideas in a fun environment. Multiple choice and true/false questions are easily converted to Kahoot quizzes. Review the answers with the class for a quick refresher of key ideas and correct any commonly occurring misconceptions.
  • Questions can be easily ingested into LMS in a number of formats (e.g. google forms or a Google or word document).
  • Test banks can be used to gauge student understanding at the end of activities, a set of related activities, or at the end of a chapter.

There are two sets of questions for each chapter/DCI. Both sets of questions test the same content, but the question styles vary so they are accessible to students of all abilities.

  1. Credit Recovery: These questions have been developed for striving or less confident students. Questions include a high proportion of simpler question formats (e.g. multiple-choice, true/false, and matching). There are fewer complex question styles used.
  2. General Education: These questions have been developed for students who are coping well with the NGSS content. Question types are highly varied and include more complex questioning styles (e.g. modified True/false, numeric response, and short answer) in addition to simpler question formats.
  • Test banks are only available for schools signing up for multi-year contracts or large district purchases.
  • Contact our sales team for more information